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Victoria Mei’s Royal Wedding Tea Party!

April 28, 2011
william and kate kiss

As the world tunes in to the fanciful Royal Wedding this Friday, I will be creating my own charming tea party for my four-year old princess, Victoria Mei.  With watchful speculation over cakes, apparel, and guest lists, America continues its love affair with royalty.

The last Royal Wedding I recall celebrating was the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The street I grew upon, Howden Drive, in Liverpool celebrated via a block party. Back then Granny Ashton was still alive.  Always a fan of the monarchy, she prepared a feast fit for the Queen herself. Looking back, I remember the parade of trifles, scones, and sandwiches with the crusts cut off floating down the street. (This was something we reserved for posh events or when wealthy people visited).  It was a celebration that joined all the neighbors together, as we honored our country’s history and shared family recipes.
Speaking of family recipes, Victoria Mei and I will be celebrating on Friday afternoon complete with Daddy’s tea and Mei’s fairy wine (pink lemonade).  I will certainly teach her how to make Granny Ashton’s scones so we can share with the neighbors.

With magical twirling ribbon sticks, Victoria Mei dances around the kitchen regularly. Her two favorite things, at four years old, include the color pink and princesses.  She is at the perfect age to find the Royal Wedding exciting as she curtseys and plies around the house in her pink ballet slippers.  To that end, the Royal Wedding has inspired creativity and playfulness in our house this month, and we’ll transform our living room into a mystical garden tea party on Friday.  It will be a day that will truly make some beautiful family memories.
If you would like to create your own delightful tea party and view my top five favorite English recipes, please pop along to
Jon xox.

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